Dr. Eva Bracht

"We accompany sustainable development"

Main areas of work:

  • Leadership programs – scientifically sound and close to practice
  • Linking survey data and company key figures
  • Coaching of people in leadership positions
  • Workshop facilitation


They exist, the inspiring leaders who engage, motivate and lead their employees to inner growth and peak performance. Most people in leadership positions have just never learned to develop their full potential and to be the best possible leader for their employees. We know that the ability to lead other people successfully can be learned, and we are aware of how essential this ability is for the survival and success of organisations. This is why Eva Bracht offers scientifically sound and close to practice training – for those who already have leadership responsibilities and also for those who would like to become leaders.

With her scientific expertise in the areas of leadership and data analysis, Eva Bracht is responsible as a consultant at Netzwert for the topics of leadership programs and data-based decisions in organisations.

Eva Bracht recharges her batteries on a trip to nature.