insights into our way of thinking and working,
with impulses on topics that move us and our clients

  • Oktober 2023
    Working student
    I, Felix Seilnacht, have been a new member of the Netzwert team since the beginning of September.

    I have felt the support and motivation of my new colleagues since I started working as a student trainee and am delighted to be part of the team.

  • April 2023
    On April 19, we start as a peer group with five other companies in the Munich area. We want to go deep into the common dialogue and exchange.

    We are already very excited about the results - and will report!

  • April 2023
    democracy at first hand
    What fascinates me about being a "Bürgerrätin" is helping to develop an education system that is fit for the future. Education is the most valuable resource in Germany!
    Last weekend, I came together with 99 other "Bürgerrät:innen" from the entire population in Montabaur. Initiated by the Bürgerrat Bildung und Lernen.

  • November 2022
    Developing into a Next Level Leader
    At Netzwert we are convinced that the successful economy of tomorrow depends on excellent and human leadership.
    In March 2023, our new leadership training will start. There we teach future-proof, human & sustainable leadership. The training content is based on our own research and maps the aspects that have the greatest influence on team and business success:
  • October 2022
    Towards a culture of concentration
    We all realize that constant accessibility, messages on different channels and many pointless (online) meetings lead to exhaustion and significantly reduce our productivity.
    "What is the cost for German companies to work this way? - And what is the solution?"
  • October 2022
    A study report
    Successful leadership has not been a "soft" topic for a long time.
    Successful leadership is an economic success factor:

    ...60% of all employees* are willing to change
    (Gallup 2022)
    ...leadership is in most cases responsible for these "inner resignations"
    (De Smet et al. 2021)
    ...the cost of "internal resignations" for German companies is about 100 billion euros
    (Gallup 2022)

    What are the most relevant aspects of leadership for team and business success?
  • Septemer 2022
    The Focused Company
    "I just can't get anything done" "If only I could work on the topic in peace for a few minutes" We hear these and similar phrases all too often from the people we work with. Yet, although the need is obviously great, few organizations are seriously addressing the issue.
  • August 2022
    student trainee
    I, Simone Leierer, have been working as a student trainee at the Netzwert team since mid-August. Even in this short time, I have been able to gain many insights into the work and various projects.
  • July 2022
    a foundation for trust and cooperation
    Whenever I have handed new employees an employment contract to sign, I have frankly felt ashamed, every single time! Why, I thought, should I formally treat a new colleague as if he or she wanted to harm the company in case of doubt? As if this person were a stranger to the company with possibly bad intentions?
  • May 2022
    ... with insights into our way of thinking and working, with impulses on topics that move us and our clients.
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