Katharina Roos

"We provide decision criteria"

Main areas of work:

  • Company surveys and follow-up processes
  • Consulting, coaching, and sparring of senior management executives
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Business mediation


As an expert in data-based organisational development, Katharina Roos knows that without precise positioning, navigation in change is hardly possible. Employee surveys allow us to look at our own situation from an outside perspective and provide a basis for management decisions. The insight is always the same: No instrument is as effective and cost-efficient for targeted strategy implementation as a well-planned and executed survey.

As managing director of Netzwert Partner GmbH and entrepreneur, Katharina Roos bundles all the important information for us, creates transparency and manages the company. She is rock solid in her value system.

To relax, she rides her racing bike in summer and straps on her touring skis in winter.